• Disease model mice / Biological sample service

    On top of supplying pathological model mice, SMC Laboratories can also provide clients with blood, tissue, and other various biological samples. The approximate delivery date for samples from each model mouse varies.

  • Organ

      • Whole blood
      • Plasma
      • Serum
      • Brain
      • Eyeball
      • Heart
      • Stomach
      • Lung
      • Liver
      • Kidney
      • Gastrocnemius / soleus muscle
      • Skin from the back
      • Thigh muscle
      • Thymus
      • Genitals
      • Small intestine
      • Large intestine
      • Caecum
      • White adipose tissue
      • Brown adipose tissue

Please contact us if you have a specific sample collection method that you would like to utilize.
From the collected organs SMC is able to prepare paraffin and frozen blocks.
Please consult with us regarding specifications for the anticoagulant that is to be used when preparing plasma samples.
Please contact us for specialized preparation requests such as RNA Later.


From the preparation of the disease model, to the pharmacological analysis and the pathological evaluation, we consider everything in regards to the clinical upstream.
In other words, we try to make our research translatable to clinical practice.

Model preparation: Clear similarities with clinical onset mechanisms
Pathology: Utilizing the same pathological evaluation methods as clinical trials