Column: The comparison of our STAM™ and other NASH models

  • 2019.12.06

SMC laboratories prides itself on proprietary its NASH-HCC model ( “STAMTM mice” ) that can be used for your NASH, fibrosis and HCC R&D projects.
The model has the following features compared with other NASH models.


STAM™ model;

  • reproduces the characteristics of human NASH patients such as mild elevation of ALT, and hepatocyte ballooning
  • shows prompt disease development to HCC by 20 wks of age
  • has customizable treatment periods depending on the MOA of the drug or the disease target
  • has been utilized in collaborations with more than 500 clients/compounds worldwide
  • has generated data for 15 compounds that have progressed into clinical trials


Please find below the comparison table of STAM™ and other NASH models.

Model STAM™1,2 Amlyin3 MCDD4,5,6 ob/ob mouse5 human NASH
Weight again × ×
Blood ALT↑ Mild increase Increase Increase *
Dyslipidemia × ×
Insulin resistance ×
Steatohepatitis ×
Ballooning × *
Fibrosis ×
Time to develop NASH 6-8wks 30wks 5-8wks 8-12wks -
HCC × × ×
Time to develop tumors 16-20wks - - - -
% of mice with HCC 100%(20wks) - - - -


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*; none reported

We believe that a pharmacological study using this model could help you progress with the research and development of your compound.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information on any of these models or our services.