Our clients’ presentations at AASLD ~The Liver Meeting Digital Experience~

  • 2020.10.13

Our clients will be presented data on treatment of NASH using STAM™ model at the AASLD ~The Liver Meeting Digital Experience~ (November 13-16).


For detailed information, see the below URL.


Poster #554

Iron loss triggers mitophagy through induction of mitochondrial ferritin

Institution: Kawasaki Medical School (Japan)


Poster #568

Oxysterol transformation of fatty liver to steatohepatitis is driven by insulin resistance

Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University


Poster #1697

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, OSU-ERB-12, Ameliorates Preclinical Models of Hepatic Fibrosis and NASH

Institution: The Ohio State University (OH)