Merck’s publication in Cell Reports Medicine

  • 2020.07.29

SMC announces that Merck & Co., Inc. (NJ) has published the results of a study using the STAM™ mouse model in Cell Reports Medicine.


Title: “Molecular Profiling Reveals a Common Metabolic Signature of Tissue Fibrosis”

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In this paper, they report the results of pharmacology study of MK-8722 (AMPK activator) and MK-4074 (ACC inhibitor) using the STAM™ mouse model.

Both AMPK and ACC are attractive targets for NASH drugs. In fact, PXL770 (AMPK activator) and GS-0976 (ACC inhibitor) are currently undergoing clinical trials targeting NASH patients.


If you have any interest in evaluating an AMPK activator or ACC inhibitor with the STAM™ mouse model, please get in touch.