Advancement to clinical trials with STAM™

  • 2020.01.07

Selecting models with high clinical correlation is essential for successful drug development.


Based on the results of non-clinical studies using our proprietary STAMTM model (NASH-HCC model), 15 test substances have advanced to clinical trials so far.

Some of these clients who have progressed their compounds to clinical trials are listed in the table below.


 Company  Drug  Target  Inlicensed from  Stage
 Novartis  Tropifexor  FXR agonist  --  Phase II b
 BMS  BMS-986036  FGF21- analog  --  Phase II a
 Albireo  Elobixibat  IBAT- inhibitor  --  Phase II
 Boehringer   Ingelheim  BI 1467335  SSAO/VAP- 1 inhibitor  Pharmaxis  Phase II a
 Gilead  GS-9674  FXR agonist  Phenex   Pharmaceuticals  Phase II a
 Allergan  Cenicriviroc  CCR2/ CCR5 dual inhibitor  Tobira   Pharmaceuticals  Phase III
















As a highly clinically relevant model, the STAMTM model provided by SMC Laboratories reproduces the following pathologies.

  1. Hepatocyte ballooning, a characteristic pathological feature of human NASH
  2. Burned-out NASH, in which lipid droplets decrease as fibrosis progresses
  3. Accumulation of fibrosis around the central vein
  4. Mild elevation of ALT, a liver injury marker
  5. Increase in NASH markers such as CK-18
  6. Increased human HCC markers glutamine synthase, glypican-3 and AFP

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