【The path to next-generation MASH therapeutics】 FDA-approved Resmetirom and the possibilities beyond

  • 2024.03.29

If you are developing a MASH drug, it might be beneficial to develop a drug for a different target than Rezdiffra (resmetirom), developed by Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, as the first treatment for MASH, to treat more MASH patients.


As you know, MASH is closely related to various organs and tissues and has a complex disease mechanism. This is the reason why the development of MASH drugs has been impeded by the need for complex therapies.


Resmetirom, which was quickly approved as a MASH treatment, is a thyroid hormone receptor β agonist and plays an important role in lipid metabolism.


The PathwayMAP below is our original schematic and based our extensive drug evaluation studies. It shows the positioning of Resmetirom as well.



When we checked the above PathwayMAP to consider other targets with the focus on synergistic effects, we found that【inflammation and fibrosis】were promising.


We would like to introduce data on Belapectin, one of the compounds targeting fibrosis that has progressed to clinical trials using our STAM™-HCC/IO+ model.



As mentioned above, it has been shown to have a particularly strong effect on the improvement of fibrosis.


In the case of the STAM™-HCC/IO+ model, the pathological condition changes stepwise from fatty liver, to MASH, to fibrosis and to liver cancer. Thus, it is possible to set an appropriate test plan according to the target and the pathological condition you want to evaluate.


To date, more than 15 compounds using the STAM™-HCC/IO+ model have proceeded to clinical trials, making it a model with extremely high pathological reproducibility.


Furthermore, we have conducted over 800 drug efficacy evaluation studies using the STAM™-HCC/IO+ model and gained extensive know-how, which enables us to give you the best suggestions.